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7 Easy Ways to Make Sure Your Child Drinks Water Through The Day

4 March 2021

Drinking water is essential for your body, and this is a fact everyone knows, yet everyone needs a reminder to have a few sips every now and then. The benefits of drinking water for kids are countless, but to put it simply, water is super essential in the human body because it carries the various nutrients to the cells and oxygen to the brain. It helps the body absorb all the necessary minerals, vitamins, glucose and throws out all the toxins. Hence, the fact that one must consume an adequate amount of water every day is non-negotiable.

So, how much water should a child drink? Well, a growing child should have approximately 1.5-1.8 litres of water on a daily basis. However, they don’t always land up consuming this much. That brings us to, what can you do to ensure your child is not dehydrated and is meeting their daily water requirements? Just follow these simple tips we hope will help you!

Keep It Handy
Let’s face it, kids and adults alike are super lazy when it comes to drinking water. And there’s really no reason why. So, in order to not have any excuses, make sure your child has water within their reach everywhere in the house. A bottle of water should be kept handy in every room, so this way, they won’t be lazy when parched, and seeing the bottle everywhere will also be a constant reminder to take a sip or two.

Find Cute Bottles & Accessories
It’s funny how we think kids will grow out of drinking from sippy cups. But in reality, cute sippy cups are a people pleaser- both among children and adults. So get your kids something they will enjoy drinking water out of- cups with unicorns, sparkles, rainbows, cool quotes, their favourie movie/cartoon characters and whatnot. There are innumerable options out there. And trust us when we say this, they will have fun drinking water out of them.

Reward Your Kid
There’s nothing better than gratifying someone for their good performance. It’s only human to want to work hard to achieve a reward. And when it comes to kids, they love gifts and prizes. So let your kid know that if they meet their daily goal of drinking water for a week, then they will be given something they love. The gift could be as simple as extra play time or pizza (even if it’s homemade) for dinner!

Add Some Flavor to The Water
Water may be the healthiest drink for kids, but let’s face it, the fact that it’s tasteless only means kids consume it when they’re parched and really need it; nothing about water excites them. So what do you do to ensure they do not ignore the much needed H2O? Add some flavor to it. Throw in slices of lime, cucumber or some mint leaves and watch your kid enjoy the good old glass of water. We hear you can add slices of berries too. Fruits, vegetables and herbs not only refresh the water in terms of taste, they’re also all natural!

Drink Coconut Water
Like we said earlier, there are innumerable benefits of drinking water, but a good way to ensure that the child gets the required amount of water is a daily glass of coconut water. With summer fast approaching, you want your kids to stay refreshed all day. Coconut water is packed with nutrients, antioxidants, is low in calories and is naturally sweet and tasty. Make sure if given, they have a good glass full in the day.

Set an Example
Kids look up to their parents and family members. So if you’re expecting them to drink their share of water every day, you be sure to do that yourself too. Drink water in front of them frequently throughout the day so they watch and learn and are reminded to do so themselves. You can also make this something y’all do together.

Keep A Steady Fluid Intake

Apart from water, they can have other fluids too such as unsweetened fruit and vegetable juices or milk + complan which also provide nutrients along with fluid. This way, they will stay hydrated and have energy throughout the day.

PS: There’s no replacement for water and what it can do for the human body so let’s aim to make sure your child consumes adequate amounts of it every day!

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