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Kids & Exercise: Why It’s Important To Be Mentally & Physically Fit

21 June 2021

In our modern tech-heavy life which is increasingly favouring a sedentary lifestyle in both adults and children, we are becoming more prone to developing diseases like diabetes, heart disease, stroke and certain cancers. There is ample evidence available that links exercise to reduce the risk of these fatal diseases. Research has also indicated that regular exercise can better our overall lifestyle in the form of boosted self-esteem, mood and sleep quality. In fact, it’s a great way to reduce the risk of childhood obesity if you get your kids started at an early age.

Since young children who are inactive in their childhood grow up to be inactive adults – a notion that is also backed up by research, it inadvertently puts young people at risk for developing conditions that can be kept at bay through regular exercise and fitness. This makes it imperative that we encourage and reiterate the importance of exercise for kids. This has long-lasting health benefits for children and young people like-

  • Helps strengthen their bones and muscle – Our bones and muscles work together every day to support day to day movement. When children are physically active, they strengthen their muscles which are important during the growing years. Their bones adapt by building cells and as a result, become stronger. Young people who exercise regularly achieve greater peak bone mass than those who do not. In adults, exercise does not have the same ability to increase bone density the way it does in kids. Exercise for kids is super important, especially if they are still growing – regular workouts that put force on the bones such as jumping or gymnastics may play an important role in increasing bone mineral density and is expected to promote bone growth.
  • Helps in height gain – Simple stretching exercises can accelerate height in growing children and teaching them these exercises at a young age greatly facilitates height gain. Yoga practice involves a lot of stretching and balance which are grown for a child’s height. It helps elongate the spine and improve a kid’s posture. Bar exercises can also help increase height, for example, chin up and pull up exercises – which also increase the overall strength of the muscles of the back and the arms. Skipping is a total body exercise that can help promote the vertical growth of your child and is also an amazing cardio workout.
  • Helps in Heart health – Children start building endurance when they engage in any physical activity, especially aerobics. During such exercise, large muscles are usually engaged and the heart beats faster and a person breathes harder. It leads to an overall strengthening of the heart and improves the body’s ability to deliver oxygen to cells. The heart responds to regular exercise by becoming stronger and more efficient which ultimately helps in warding off health disease. Exercise for kids truly results in life-long benefits.
  • Development of Brain – Physical exercise greatly contributes to increased brain health. Research suggests that children who are physically active are more likely to have better memory, motor skills, process visual information better than children who are not physically active and have better academic performance in school.
  • Improved Mental Health – Researchers have suggested that physically active children tend to have a better perspective on life, it builds confidence, helps them socialise, manage anxiety and depression and improves cognitive skills and self-esteem. ‘Feel good’ chemicals, known as endorphins are released by the brain during physical activity which greatly improves mood, overall energy levels and even leads to better sleep. During exercise, children connect more deeply with the outdoors and develop their unique relationship with nature. Practising Yoga, for example, facilitates relaxation of the mind. Children, today, deal with immense pressure due to increased competition in school and their immediate surroundings, therefore physical exercise can act as a very useful and cathartic way to release stress.
  • Increased Physical Fitness – Heightened physical activity can lead to an overall increase in endurance and increased immunity against diseases especially diseases caused due to seasonal changes. Physical exercise for kids can help facilitate and maintain better health outcomes that continue well into adulthood, continuing a sustained period of physical fitness.


So, encourage your children to spend some time playing, running or even going to the park and make sure your child has consistent periods of heightened physical activity as it has long-lasting health benefits for your child. After an energetic period of exercise, replenish your child’s nutrition with a cup of Complan which has 34 vital nutrients and supports your child’s growth.  essential 34 nutrients needed for your child’s growth.

Exercise should be done under supervision. Proper warm-up and cool down need to be done.
Growth is influenced by genetics, nutrition, and other environmental factors. Please consult your healthcare professional further.
The information provided in this article is based on the writer’s personal experience and view. Any recommendations made about physical activity, nutrition source, and benefits on this website should be consulted with your paediatric/ health professional. The information you receive in our blogs, and other communication does not take the place of professional medical advice. Any recommendations made about physical activity, nutrition, or diet on this website should be consulted with your healthcare professional

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