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Wonders of Vitamin C In Your Child’s Body

4 March 2021

Wonders of Vitamin C In Your Child’s Body Vitamin C has been a topic of great discussion, especially over the last few years. Everyone has been talking about its importance

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7 Easy Ways to Make Sure Your Child Drinks Water Through The Day

4 March 2021

Drinking water is essential for your body, and this is a fact everyone knows, yet everyone needs a reminder to have a few sips every now and then. The benefits of

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Key Factors in your Child’s Growth & Development

28 July 2020

As parents of a growing child, there are many things that may concern you regarding your child’s health and wellbeing. One of the big concerns during this time is if

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Why Physical Activity is Important for Children?

6 July 2020

Today, most children prefer to spend their time indoors and this sedentary lifestyle can affect their health. Back in those day, the options of keeping children occupied or entertained indoors

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Our Experts

Karnica Singh Nandal

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Yoga Instructor
Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NY
The Yoga Institute, 500hr TTC, Mumbai

Your cliché Engineer with an MBA degree, a corporate professional turned wellness
enthusiast – I empower people to take responsibility for their own health and
achievement of their personal wellness goals by educating, motivating, inspiring, and guiding towards long lasting lifestyle changes.

Mansi M Doshi

Licensed Clinical Psychological and Psychotherapist.
She is the founder of “Cognitive Balance”, the center for emotional well-being and mental health.
She has been the infield of psychology for the past 18 years. She has also done her
specialization in Play therapy from the British Association of Play therapist and Mayo Clinic (USA). She has been associated with various schools, children, and adults in
handling emotional, behavioral, and learning concerns.


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