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Here’s what a few Moms had to say about their child’s favourite growth drink!

Sarika Singh

Mother of Shaurya Kr. Singh, 11yrs Old Chennai

Like all mothers I was concerned about my kid immunity, growth & all-round development and when he was 3+ I planned to start some Health Drink in his meal plan. It was not an easy decision as you have to choose the best from a lot of available options and it should be tested & trusted and I have chosen Complan Royal Chocolate as it is healthy and in nutritional value, it is better than any other available Health drinks – protein, calcium & all vital nutrients. After 8 years when I see my kid doing well in his studies, as well as much active in sports & yoga and especially when I see him taller almost 5.5 ft at 11+ years of age – I really feel proud of my decision of giving him the best. He is a Complan Boy.

Swati Kulshrestha

Mother of Kritika Kulshrestha, 11yrs Old Kanpur

I used to have a cup of  Complan before leaving for school when I was a child, and now my daughter Kritika does it too. It contains all the required nutrients and keeps her active throughout the day. I think I’ve been giving Complan to her for about 5 years now and since then, I have noticed considerable growth in her height. I genuinely recommend Complan to every mom for their kid.

Jaya Mukherjee

Mother of Samadrita Mukherjee, 12yrs Old Kolkata

When it comes to my child’s growth, Complan is the brand I turn to, because of its protein content and legacy of growth. My little girl loves Complan for its thick chocolatey texture and taste. She started drinking Complan when she was 5 years old, and now at 12 years old, she is one of the tallest girls in her class, at 5 feet 8 inches tall. I can say this without a doubt that she’s truly a Complan girl.


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